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Open the history book of Manchester United, we will see a meaningful season, the 2009-2010 season. In October 2009, Rio Ferdinand missed the game for two and a half months due to a back injury. In January 2010, Vidic missed 6 rounds of the Premier League due to a calf injury. That was the first time Manchester United had faced a lack of defenders since the beginning of the century.

打开曼联的历史书,我们将看到一个有意义的赛季,即2009-2010赛季。 2009年10月,里约·费迪南德(Rio Ferdinand)因背部受伤错过了比赛两个半月。 2010年1月,维迪奇因小腿受伤缺席了6轮英超联赛。自本世纪初以来,这是曼联第一次面对缺乏后卫的人。

So, at the transfer window of the winter window that year, they bought Smalling from Fulham. In the next ten years, Smalling came and went, and went again, and Manchester United Ten years of signings have cost 814.8 million pounds, the defense cost 3.03 pounds, and the sidelines have walked past Moyes, Van Gaal, Mourinho, Solskjaer... Time flies until 2020 In Xia Chuang in October, Suo Shuai was frustrated, "Why are we still missing a central defender."

因此,在那年冬天窗户的转送窗口上,他们从富勒姆购买了Smalling。在接下来的十年中,史密斯来回走动,又去了一次,曼联十年的签约耗资8.148亿英镑,国防费用为3.03磅,而场外交易已经越过了Moyes,Van Gaal,Mourinho和Solskjaer。时光流逝,直到2020年10月的夏闯,索帅很沮丧,“我们为什么还想念一名中央后卫”。

If you want to list the best central defenders in the 21st century, then Ferdinand and Vidic are definitely on the list. The two brothers have set a historical record of not conceding a goal in 14 consecutive games and a total of 1,331 minutes; both have been selected to the PFA Team of the Year for three consecutive seasons. The two of them complement each other, one is responsible for tackles, the other is responsible for defending the position, and they have kept Manchester United for many years. They did not let go of the burden until 2010, and replaced by Smalling and May Jones.

如果您想列出21世纪最好的中央后卫,那么费迪南德和维迪奇肯定在名单上。两兄弟创造了历史记录,连续14场比赛总共1,331分钟不失球。两者均连续三个赛季入选PFA年度最佳团队。他们两个相辅相成,一个负责铲球,另一个负责保卫阵地,他们已经使曼联保持了多年。他们直到2010年才放开了负担,取而代之的是Smalling和May Jones。

At first, the stable center-back combination had problems. May Jones suffered six different injuries before and after the 2013-2014 season. Smalling's state gradually fluctuated. Sometimes he covered half the court. Super thighs are sometimes assassins lurking in Manchester United's penalty area. For a time, the steel line of defense lost its former glory, and coach Moyes was dismissed as a result.

首先,稳定的中后卫组合存在问题。在2013-2014赛季前后,May Jones遭受了六次不同的伤害。斯莫林的状态逐渐波动。有时他占了半场。超级大腿有时是刺客潜伏在曼联的禁区。有一阵子,钢铁防线失去了昔日的光彩,结果莫耶斯被解雇了。

Then came the Van Gaal era. In his 532 formation, Phil Jones, Evans and Smalling were the only three central defenders in the team. In order to avoid a repeat of the tragedy, Chef Fan urged San Dezi to sign It was Luke Shaw (27 million pounds), Rojo (16 million pounds) and Little Blind (13.8 million pounds). But among these players, except for Smalling who completed the transformation, everyone else was more or less ill. Luke Shaw’s injury and Damian’s flaws also exacerbated the problem of wing defense, and Van Gaal was forced to turn the tile. Lencia and Ashley Young were transformed into full-backs, and they managed to survive two good seasons under the patchwork.

然后是范加尔时代。在532阵型中,菲尔·琼斯,埃文斯和史莫林是球队中仅有的三名中后卫。为了避免重蹈覆辙,范大厨敦促圣德兹与卢克·肖(2,700万英镑),罗霍(1,600万英镑)和小盲人(1,380万英镑)签约。但是在这些参与者中,除了Smalling完成转型之外,其他所有人或多或少都有病。卢克·肖(Luke Shaw)的伤病和达米安(Damian)的缺陷也加剧了边路防守的问题,范加尔(Van Gaal)被迫转弯。伦西亚(Lencia)和阿什利·杨(Ashley Young)变成了后卫,他们在拼凑而成的两个赛季中得以幸存。

During the Magic Bird period, Smalling’s state was once again closed. Jones was already out of service and Rojo suffered from constant injuries. Mourinho was forced to buy Bailey (30 million pounds) and Lindelof (31 million pounds). ), this black one white, one tall and one strong is theoretically an excellent pair of partners, but Bailey is once again caught in an endless wave of injuries. At the same time, the plague swept to the position of full-backs, causing us At one point he saw the magnificent picture of Rojo turning left, Jones turning right, and Blind made up his midfielder.

在魔术鸟时期,史密斯的状态再次被关闭。琼斯已经退役,而罗乔则不断受伤。穆里尼奥被迫收购贝利(3000万英镑)和林德尔洛夫(3100万英镑)。 ),从理论上讲,这对黑人,白人,一个高个子和一个强壮的人是一对出色的伴侣,但是贝利又一次陷入了无休止的伤病浪潮。同时,瘟疫席卷了中后卫的位置,使我们一度看到了罗乔向左转,琼斯向右转的壮丽画面,而布莱恩德则弥补了他的中场。

When Sochaux took office, there was a thunder in the sky, and Maguire (80 million pounds) and Wan Bissaka (50 million pounds) were finally arranged. Last season, the two of them brought a new way of life to Manchester United's defense line like a needle in the sea. But this stability is not long-lasting. Wan Bi Saka has a high success rate in tackles but is easy to take cards. Maguire is strong in the front but turns slowly. It is not easy to find a partner for them among the rest. Bailey is an old sick man. Lindelof's shortcomings are obviously easy to be hit by key points. Solskjaer is once again forced to face a choice in this summer window. Does he continue to fool Sandezi to buy and buy? Or continue to bet on those Schrödinger cats in the team? How can it be done?

Sochaux上任时,天上响起了雷声,最终安排了Maguire(8000万英镑)和Wan Bissaka(5000万英镑)。上个赛季,他们两个像大海针一样,为曼联的防线带来了新的生活方式。但是这种稳定性不是持久的。万比萨卡(Wan Bi Saka)的铲球成功率很高,但发牌容易。马奎尔在前面很强壮,但是转弯很慢。在其余的人中很难找到他们的合作伙伴。贝利是个老病人。 Lindelof的缺点很容易被关键点击中。 Solskjaer在这个夏天的窗口中再次被迫面对选择。他是否会继续欺骗Sandezi进行购买和购买?还是继续投注团队中的那些薛定ding猫?怎么做到呢?

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